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5 Problems with Subwoofers

1. Doesn’t fit decor

You’ve invested in having a beautiful home and a large black subwoofer just doesn’t make sense.

Rumblewood solves this by integrating subwoofers into upscale furniture effectively hiding the subwoofer in plain sight.

2. Doesn’t stay put

Subwoofers can vibrate enough to move themselves across floors. You really don’t want to have to keep moving your subwoofer back in place.

Rumblewood solves this by using specially designed feet with anti-vibration soft rubber to keep your subwoofer in place.

3. Causes rattles

Subwoofers generate a lot of energy and if your subwoofer isn’t properly isolated from things in your house then you may hear unwanted rattles from other things in your house.

Rumblewood solves this by using rubber feet that properly isolated the subwoofer from your floor reducing unwanted rattles.

4. Has unwanted hum

Search the web for “subwoofer hum” and you’ll find post after post about unwanted hum in subwoofers.ย  Slight differences in ground potential between AC outlets can lead to ground loops that are often the cause of subwoofer hum.

Rumblewood solves by shipping a ground loop isolation device with every subwoofer that eliminates this source of hum.

5. Difficult to setup

Subwoofers without the right inputs can be difficult to connect to your existing TV, soundbar, or audio receiver.

Rumblewood subwoofers are powered subwoofers requiring only line level inputs from your TV, soundbar, or audio receiver.ย  In addition, Rumblewood subwoofers can utilize either a dedicated LFE/subwoofer output or left/right line level outputs.