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About Us

Kent Johnson, Founder, Rumblewood LLC

Rumblewood was founded in Kansas by a father-son duo, Kent and Coby Johnson. Both share a love for music, movies, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kent, an electrical engineer, has a long track record of successful products. Most recently, Kent launched Make-A-Fort, a creative fort-building kit for kids which has sold over 150,000 kits worldwide.

Coby, a mechanical engineer, has contributed at multiple robotics startups and enjoys the art of woodworking transforming raw wood into finished pieces.

At Rumblewood, we are 100% committed to having the best product we can produce. We only make subwoofers we would use in our homes. Each must have amazing sound and exceptional aesthetics or it simply won’t have the Rumblewood name.

Why Dayton Audio

We only use Dayton Audio equipment for our speakers and built-in subwoofer amplifiers. Why? Because they’ve been in the audio game for over 20 years, making top-notch speakers and amps that really deliver on sound quality. You might find brands with bigger names, but when it comes to performance and reliability, Dayton Audio stands out. Just take a look at their rave reviews on big retail sites like Amazon and Walmart, not to mention the thumbs-up they get from expert review sites like CNET and Audiophile. Dayton Audio is the real deal in loudspeakers and plate amplifiers.

Why TenWorks

We exclusively partner with TenWorks in Wichita, Kansas, to manufacture our subwoofer cabinets. We chose TenWorks for their innovative designs, their dedication to quality craftsmanship, and their commitment to making all cabinets 100% in the USA.

TenWorks brings extensive experience in crafting custom cabinets from a diverse range of woods and finishes. This expertise enables us to offer custom finishes that perfectly match our customers’ decor.

Walnut Rumblewood X12 Subwoofer