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Quick Start Guide

This applies to the following Rumblewood Subwoofers

Your subwoofer gets better with use. While it’s tempting to crank up the bass right away, it’s best to start at a lower volume and slowly increase it over the first 10-20 hours of use. This helps the new parts loosen up and deliver richer bass over time.

Start enjoying your new Rumblewood Subwoofer in a few simple steps…

  1. Connect your Rumblewood Subwoofer to your audio source (details here)
  2. Connect your Rumblewood Subwoofer to 120VAC power (details here)
  3. Turn on your Rumblewood Subwoofer using the power switch on the back panel

If your audio source is playing audio, you should be able to hear bass from your Rumblewood Subwoofer.ย  Problems? Try our troubleshooting guide.

Have questions or concerns? Please Get In Touch.