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Subwoofers in Furniture

Subwoofers in Furniture

Integrating subwoofers into furniture pieces is a tempting solution to hide an ugly subwoofer in your well designed family room. However, adding a subwoofer to existing furniture has many challenges.

Poor Acoustics

Subwoofers are designed to deliver deep and rich bass sounds, but when placed inside furniture, these sounds can be muffled or distorted. Sound&Vision says “It’s difficult—if not downright impossible—to hide a sub in a piece of furniture and make it sound as phenomenal as it would if it were ideally positioned in your listening room.”.


Powered subwoofers with integrated amplifiers can generate a lot of heat. When encased in furniture without adequate ventilation, this heat can become trapped, reducing the subwoofer’s efficiency and potentially shortening its lifespan.

Unwanted Rattles

The powerful vibrations produced by subwoofers can cause furniture and other items to rattle, especially if the integration hasn’t adequately isolated the vibrations. These rattles can be distracting, taking away from the immersive audio experience.

The Rumblewood Solution

The Rumblewood X12 Subwoofer and the Rumblewood S18 Subwoofer integrate powerful subwoofers seamlessly into upscale furniture to address each of the challenges above.

    • Superior Acoustics: Our furniture is designed to both be stylish furniture and to have the right acoustics for the subwoofer itself.
    • Optimal Ventilation: The integrated plate amplifier has exposed heat sinks on the back side of the subwoofer to ensure proper heat dissipation.
    • Rattle-Free Design: Every joint is securely glued to avoid any rattles and items that might cause rattles (hinges, doors, shelves, drawers, etc) re avoided.

The Rumblewood subwoofers are also available in a variety of finishes to fit your decor.