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X12 Subwoofer

12" subwoofer with 500W of incredible bass integrated into a compact stylish cabinet

$1,999.00 $1,499.00

X12 Subwoofer

12" subwoofer with 500W of incredible bass integrated into a compact stylish cabinet

$1,999.00 $1,499.00

  • Hides subwoofer in stylish decor
  • Place anywhere in room
  • No assembly required

Experience the perfect blend of thundering home audio bass and tasteful decor. Great for both movies and music.

Available in a wide variety of wood and paint finishes.  Contact us to discuss how we can customize to fit your decor.

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What’s Included

  • X12 Subwoofer
  • 3′ Power Cord
  • 6′ RCA Cable
  • Getting Started Guide


  • Durable and rugged design with high quality solid and engineered woods (no particle board)
  • Massive 12″ Dayton Audio Ultimax speaker
  • Powerful low distortion 500W Dayton Audio amplifier
  • Extra stiff speaker mounting panel (1.5″ thick)
  • Internal acoustic foam lining
  • Anti-vibration isolation feet
  • Adjustable high frequency cutoff
  • Both LFE and stereo line level inputs
  • Built-in EQ allows adjusting specific frequency higher or lower


  • Dimensions: 20″ wide x 20″ deep x 22″ tall
  • Weight: 71 lbs

Speaker: Dayton Audio UM12-22 12″ Ultimax Subwoofer

Dayton Audios Ultimax Series DVC subwoofers are purpose-built to move air and create clean, articulate, fast bass. Experience the apex of subwoofer design.

  • Thick, one-piece Nomex honeycomb covered cone with woven heavy-duty glass-fiber
  • Tall-boy rubber surround for extra-long linear excursion without reducing cone surface area
  • 600 watts RMS power handling
  • Copper shorting rings and cap reduce distortion due to inductance variations
  • Dual 2 ohm, 2-layer copper voice coils
  • Large vented pole piece and under-spider venting
  • Black anodized aluminum former and black pole improves heat dissipation

Dayton Audio UM12-22 Specification Sheet

Amplifier: Dayton Audio SPA500 500W Subwoofer Plate Amplifier

The Dayton Audio SPA500 Subwoofer Amplifier delivers the efficiency of a Class D design without compromising audio quality and reliability.

  • High power Class AB output stage for clean, controlled output
  • Patented tracking downconverter power supply for high efficiency
  • Toroidal power supply transformer
  • Low frequency parametric EQ allows you to boost or cut to custom-tailor sound
  • Advanced soft clip circuitry improves headroom and protects woofers
  • OTC TM (Optimized Thermal Circuit) protects amplifier from potential heat damage
  • Hercules heat sinks dissipate and control heat for extreme reliability

Dayton Audio SPA500 User Manual

See our FAQ for common questions and answers.