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Product Information

The Hidden Subwoofer X1 is built with a combination of solid and engineered wood to ensure durability and stability. All panels are backed with a thick 3/4″ engineered wood for a robust and solid structure. We offer a range of high-quality veneer finishes, making it versatile to fit any decor style. The unit is available in multiple finish options, including various paints and wood finishes, to best suit your aesthetic preferences and home decor.

Yes, you can certainly place objects on it. However, care should be taken to avoid placing items that may vibrate excessively or have a smooth bottom surface that could potentially slide off due to the vibrations when the subwoofer is in use. Additionally, avoid placing any objects that could potentially scratch or damage the wood surface. It’s best to use it just like any other piece of fine furniture.

Absolutely! Hidden Subwoofer X1  is designed to enhance a wide range of audio experiences, from adding depth to your favorite songs to providing an immersive movie watching experience.

Hidden Subwoofer X1 includes a power cord that you simply plugin to a nearby 120VAC outlet.


Hidden Subwoofer X1 includes a power cord that you simply plugin to a nearby 120VAC outlet.

The Hidden Subwoofer X1  has an RCA jack that should be connected to the subwoofer output of your home audio system (cable not provided).

Hidden Subwoofer X1 is a down firing subwoofer and works best when placed on hard surfaces. It can also be placed on carpets but the bass response may be slightly attenuated on carpet.

While the Hidden Subwoofer X1  is designed to perform well in various placements, strategically positioning your Hidden Subwoofer X1  can help optimize its sound performance. It can be placed against a flat wall or positioned in a corner of the room. Here are some considerations for both placements:

  • Against a Flat Wall: Placing the Hidden Subwoofer X1 against a flat wall, ideally close to the same wall your speakers are on, can give a more accurate and controlled bass response. This can be a good starting point if your priority is precision and musicality.
  • In a Corner: If you want the most impact and room-filling bass, placing the Hidden Subwoofer X1 in a corner can amplify its output due to the boundary effect, which can make the bass sound louder. However, corner placement might result in a slightly less controlled bass response.

Remember, every room is unique and these are guidelines, not rules. Feel free to experiment with different placements to find what sounds best in your space. Factors such as room dimensions, furnishings, and placement can all impact the optimal placement.

Yes, provided your audio system supports multiple subwoofer connections, you can certainly use two Hidden Subwoofer X1s  in the same room. There are a few potential benefits to this setup:

  • Improved Bass Response: With two subwoofers, the bass frequencies can be more evenly distributed across the room. This helps eliminate “bass hotspots” where the bass can be overpowering, and “bass nulls” where the bass can be weak or non-existent.
  • Lower Distortion: Two subwoofers can share the workload which can result in lower distortion, as each subwoofer doesn’t have to work as hard to produce the desired volume level.
  • Reduced Localization: Ideally, you shouldn’t be able to pinpoint the source of the bass in a well-designed audio system. With two subwoofers, it’s harder to localize the bass, leading to a more immersive audio experience.

Remember to place the two subwoofers properly in your room for the best result. There are various placement strategies, and the best one depends on the specifics of your room and system.

Policies and Warranties

We are committed to your satisfaction and offer a 30-day return policy. If for any reason the Hidden Subwoofer X1  does not meet your expectations, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days of receipt.

Please note that the product must be returned in its original condition, with all the included components, and preferably in its original packaging. Any signs of misuse or damage could potentially result in a partial refund. It’s essential to contact our customer service team to initiate the return process. They will provide detailed instructions and may be able to assist with packaging and arranging a courier pick-up, depending on your location.

Once we receive and inspect the returned Hidden Subwoofer X1 , we will process your refund. Please allow a few business days for the refund to be credited back to your original form of payment. Remember, our customer service team is always here to help if you have any further questions or concerns.

The Hidden Subwoofer X1  comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship under normal usage conditions for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

During the warranty period, we will repair or replace, at our discretion, any defective parts at no charge to the customer. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, negligence, accidents, or modifications made by the purchaser. Additionally, normal wear and tear, including but not limited to cosmetic damage like scratches, dents or natural aging, may not be covered.