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Troubleshooting Guide

This applies to the following Rumblewood Subwoofers

Facing challenges with your subwoofer? Let’s navigate through some common issues and their potential fixes.

No Sound or Low Volume

  • Power: Is the subwoofer turned on? Ensure the power cord is securely plugged in.
  • Volume: Adjust the subwoofer’s volume or gain control.
  • Receiver/Amplifier: Check its settings – the subwoofer might be muted or set to a low volume.
  • Cables: Securely connect the RCA cables. For LFE input, use just one cable.

Distorted or Muddled Sound

  • Crossover: Fine-tune the low-frequency cutoff to prevent sound overlap and distortion.
  • Cable Quality: Consider replacing a damaged or substandard RCA cable.

Intermittent Sound or Dropouts

  • Cables: Check for loose or worn-out connections.
  • Interference: Keep the subwoofer away from other electronic devices or potential sources of wireless interference.

Subwoofer is Too Boomy

  • Positioning: Relocate the subwoofer, especially if it’s close to a corner.
  • Tuning: Reassess the low-frequency cutoff or use an auto-calibration if available.

Subwoofer Humming

  • Power Source: Plug the subwoofer into a different electrical outlet to rule out grounding issues.
  • Cable Disconnect: Disconnect the RCA cable from the subwoofer. If the hum stops, the issue might be upstream of the subwoofer.
  • Interference: Electronic devices or dimmer switches can cause a hum. Relocate the subwoofer or the potential interference source.

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