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How to Position Rumblewood Subwoofer Diagram

This applies to the following Rumblewood Subwoofers

The low frequencies from your Rumblewood Subwoofer are non-directional and you do not need to place your Rumblewood Subwoofer next to your TV or other audio equipment; however, several factors should be considered when deciding where to place your Rumblewood Subwoofer

  • Power source – Your Rumblewood Subwoofer is a powered subwoofer and requires 120VAC
  • Audio source – Your Rumblewood Subwoofer requires a wired connection (normally RCA cables) to your TV, soundbar, or audio receiver
  • Sound quality – Your Rumblewood Subwoofer may indeed sound different at different locations in your room and experimentation is recommended to maximize sound quality
  • Rattles – Your Rumblewood Subwoofer delivers a lot of power and may cause unwanted rattling in your house or household items and experimentation is again recommended to reduce rattles

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