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Ultimate Home Subwoofer Playlist

Spongebob and Patrick from TV Show listening to music on headphones

When I upgraded my TV speakers at home to an actual audio system with a Hidden Subwoofer X1 it changed the way I listened to music. At first listen, Dayton Audio’s 12″ Ultimax Subwoofer sounded a bit odd because I was not used to a strong bass range and was hearing sounds in songs I had never heard before. Here is a playlist I have made to share with fellow subwoofer enjoyers along with some explanation of how I felt about each track.

Billie Eilish

Her album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” does a great job of mixing the subwoofer driving the beat with crisp thumps and longer stretches of deep bass. From the album Bad Guy, Xanny, You Should See Me in a Crown, and Bury a Friend are my favorites. Xanny has great moments where my house goes from still to shaking you can feel in your chest.

Kendrick Lamar

If you search “subwoofer playlist” in Spotify his tracks are commonly found in those playlists! Really I think it is just as simple as great bass with great rap tracks that brings me back. My favorites are Swimming Pools, Humble, King’s Dead, and Money Trees.


Major Distribution is vanilla for bass on a rap track in my opinion, but sometimes this can be the most delicious flavor. Since the “More Life” album came out Passionfruit has been my favorite, but the way the subwoofer accentuates the beat makes it extra groovy. Free smoke has great deep, rich bass

Avenged Sevenfold

The “Hail to the King” album is my go to since I am a rock fan. The tracks in this album such as Shepherd of Fire and Hail to the King often feature rapid drum hits that the subwoofer accentuates to be these cool, crisp thumps that will rock your socks off. One of my favorites from the album is Acid Rain which is slower and does a lot of build-ups to a climax. During the build ups the subwoofer ramps up in volume and pitch and it is a really cool effect that almost brought me to tears listening to it the first time on my sound system.

Led Zeppelin

His popular first album Led Zeppelin I is completely different on a subwoofer. Listening on my subwoofer there are technical and essential bass guitar sounds I had never heard before. It adds this rich depth to Led Zeppelin that attracts people to his music in the first place. I literally cannot enjoy the album anymore without my subwoofer.

These are my personal favorites on my Hidden Subwoofer X1, hope you enjoy listening to them on your subwoofer. Would love to hear in the comments or at my Rumblewood email ([email protected]) what your favorite tracks on your subwoofer is!

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